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This website is currently published by the association:

IN CORPORE - 167, La Neuville - 02130 Mareuil-en-Dôle


An application for registration with the Joint Commission for Publications and Press Agencies [ category "information, politics and general] is in progress.


A declaration to the CNIL was filed on July 14, 2020 and is still being processed.

Director of publication :   Jean-Marc Adolphe


Editors:   Jean-Marc Adolphe, Jean-Charles Herrmann, Clémentine Télésfort ... current editorial team


Videos Speakers:   Sonia Leontieff

Collaborations, structuring & coordination:   Clémentine Télésfort & Sarah Mercadante

Design of the website  Art+Culture Development /  Jean-Charles Herrmann

To contact us quickly...

Thank you for what you sent ! is published for the time being by the association In Corpore

[167, La Neuville, 02130 Mareuil-en-Dôle]. It renounces all forms of advertising and financing by subscription in favor of financing by donations. is betting on the following: our donors consider that independent, free and quality information is a common good that must be accessible to all. And committed citizens finance this committed journalism. 

Do not hesitate to contribute to our work. Thanks in advance.

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