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soutenir Les  Humanités

Money is the sinews of war, they say. We are not at war, and the humanities are largely based on an alternative, militant economy.

We refuse advertising, we refuse paid access to the content of our alter-active media.

Means, however, are needed to ensure the development of what we have initiated, to be able to remunerate certain contributions, to grow in quality and diversity.

All your contributions, big and small, are essential for us to invent together the future of this different medium.

To suit everyone, several possibilities are offered to you: from voluntary subscription [monthly direct debit €5 * or single payment for 3 months, 6 months or 1 year] to donation / sponsorship [3 formulas from €25 to €100 ].


  Faire  un  don 

  • 3 FORMULAS with immediate annual or half-yearly payment
  • 1 FORMULA with monthly payment - 12 months at 5 €
  • 3 FORMULAS from 25 to 100 € with immediate payment
- your donation allows you to deduct 66% of its amount from your income tax, within the limit of 20% of net taxable income. Please ask for an invoice to be issued for this at
- you will receive invitations to participate in events or partner shows
- your name will be mentioned among the donors and patrons of the humanities

 Any subscription by monthly direct debit must be considered well thought out and motivated. To date, there is no possibility of interrupting this collection (development in progress). Please take this into account when choosing this formula.



    Every month
    Paiement mensuel

    Abonnement d'un an - Paiement unique à la commande
    Valid for one year
  • DON 25€

    Participez à notre développement
    Valid for one year
  • DON 50€

    Valid for one year
  • DON 100 €

    Participez à notre développement
    Valid for one year


    Valid for one year
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