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21 euros: the price of a Ukrainian child (deported)

IIya Matvienko, Kira Obedinska and Sasha Radchuck, three Ukrainian children deported to Russia, from where they were able to return,

have just testified at the United Nations in New York. Screenshot CBS News.

420,000 euros. This is the amount paid by the Kremlin to Maria Lvova-Belova to organize the deportations of Ukrainian children, we learn in the Kremlin Leaks which have just been revealed. Among the few who were able to return to Ukraine, Sasha, Ilya and Kira just testified at a private session at the United Nations. The Kremlin Leaks also shed harsh light on the actions of the Russian Red Cross, contrary to humanitarian law.

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Could this move the Trumpist clique which continues to block the sending of new American aid to Ukraine?

The day before yesterday, February 26, it was the voices of children that were heard at the United Nations, during a private session sponsored by Builders Ukraine, an NGO based in the United States, which is taking part in Courage Project, which campaigns for the release of kidnapped Ukrainian children.

They were also able to meet American officials in Washington…

We are obviously not talking about the more than 20,000 Ukrainian children still deported to Russia, on whom the Putin clique has put a lid (see my latest publication on les humanités: d%C3%A9port%C3%A9s-o%C3%B9-are they ), but a few of those that could be recovered, not without difficulty.

There was Sasha Radchuck, 13 years old. He was 11 years old when he was separated from his mother in a “filtration camp” near Mariupol. Although he has since been able to find his grandmother, he has had no news from his mother since this forced separation in April 2022.

There were Ilya Matvienko, 11 years old, and Kira Obedinska, 14 years old, taken prisoner during the siege of Mariupol.

Ilya was only 9 years old when he saw his mother die from a shrapnel in the head. A neighbor buried her in the garden. Ilya was also hit by shrapnel and his leg was seriously injured. Traumatized and unable to walk, he says Russian soldiers took him to a hospital where he was operated on without anesthesia. Ilya's grandmother was able to find him after seeing him in a Russian propaganda video, speaking from a hospital bed.

Kira's father also died in a bombing. He told how, when he was just 12 years old, he had to hide in underground shelters to survive in the war zone, before being captured by Russian soldiers and shipped to Russia.

Everyone talks about how they were asked to praise Russia. On his hospital bed, barely recovered from his operation (without anesthesia), it was the doctors who said to Sasha: “You must say, not glory to Ukraine, but glory to Russia”.

(Sources: CBS News , The Guardian, Ukrainian Presidency website)

Deportation of children: juicy business for Maria Lvova-Belova

Russia being a mafia country, the deportation of children is also a business. In the #KremlinLeaks file (leak of documents obtained and analyzed by the Estonian online information site Delphi , within a consortium of major European media), we learn that Maria Lvova-Belova, the presidential commissioner for human rights of the child, received 420,000 euros from the Kremlin for “ the removal of children from the special military occupation zone ”. €420,000 for 20,000 deported children, that's an average of €21 per kidnapped child. Cheaply paid: we understand that we have to deport a lot of them to make a little profit. And this is hardly surprising regarding the “orthodox” Lvova-Belova. Les humanités have already told how the "lady boss" (who doctored her CV to show a diploma that she never obtained, but without which she could not have been appointed presidential commissioner) became rich thanks to embezzlement (at the expense of young disabled adults) with his Quartier de Louis foundation, supposedly charitable: %C3%A9nocide .

(On the #KremlinLeaks, read the article by Sophie Malibeaux on the RFI website (in french):

The complicity of the Red Cross

And that we do not count on the Red Cross to intervene. The information also comes from #KremlinLeaks and concerns the actions of the Russian Red Cross Society (which receives funds from the International Committee of the Red Cross, based in Geneva) on Ukrainian territory. Internal documents of the Russian presidential administration show that part of the funds allocated to the CRR by the Russian government are intended for activities in the occupied territories of Ukraine. This is despite the fact that the rules of the Red Cross movement do not authorize national Red Cross societies to work in combat zones (only the ICRC is authorized to do so).

This information reinforces the suspicion that we echoed at the time regarding the evacuation of civilians from Mariupol: it is becoming more and more likely that the Red Cross not only turned a blind eye, but contributed to the deportation of Ukrainians (including children) to the Russian Federation. And that's not all…

Meduza cites the testimony of a Ukrainian soldier, Orest Hrytsyuk, who spent six months as a prisoner of war in a penal colony in the occupied town of Horlivka. In the spring of 2023, prisoners were visited by two men in civilian clothes whom prison guards called "Red Cross representatives." Orest Hrytsyuk recounts how visitors made fun of the prisoners of war, who, according to him, had very little time to eat hot food in the prison cafeteria: "Look how well they eat! "Look how they eat well - like pigs! Ukrainian pigs. Eat, eat. Russia loves you and cares for you. Don’t make up shit when you get home.”

In December 2022, the President of the Russian Red Cross, Pavel Savchuk, honored the Avangard company at a gala.

This company produces missiles that are fired at Ukraine. The Russian Red Cross inscription appears in the background.

The Ukrainian government says it is aware of other cases of RRC workers mocking and humiliating Ukrainian prisoners of war, including in the occupied Ukrainian territories: "The mistreatment suffered by Orest Hrytsyuk in the prison near Donetsk is a done,” says Yuriy Taranyuk, representative of the Coordination Headquarters for the treatment of prisoners of war. “This means that the CRR workers were in the occupied territories. It is obvious that the CRR is run by Russia and does what it says. In fact, it is impossible to access these places without authorization from a representative of the Russian security forces. »

Despite receiving international funds, Meduza continues, the Russian Red Cross openly supported Russia in the war, including collecting donations on its website for the families of mobilized Russian soldiers and distributing mugs to Ukrainian refugees. and shirts with Putin's face and the Z symbol in favor of the war, under the title of "humanitarian aid".

The president of the Russian Red Cross, Pavel Savchuk, is also a member of the All-Russian Popular Front (ONF), led by President Vladimir Putin. He is also very active within the Kremlin-led We Together organization, where Lvova-Belova also sits. This organization not only collects money for the front, but also thermal cameras for weapons and camouflage nets. And We Together claims to coordinate, with the Russian Red Cross, “humanitarian aid in Russia to support displaced people from Donbass and other regions of Ukraine”.

As La Tribune de Genève writes, “the Russian Red Cross is putting the Swiss center in difficulty”. And for good reason. It seems that the presidency of the International Committee of the Red Cross, duly alerted to the numerous "sprains" (the word is weak) of its Russian branch, has chosen to turn a blind eye, or in any case to remain silent until 'nowadays.

Otherwise, in Russia everything is fine. Such actions, contrary to the most basic international conventions, are unlikely to be contested or denounced by authentic defenders of human rights. The most emblematic of them, Oleg Orlov, former Soviet dissident, co-founder of the NGO Memorial and 2022 Nobel Peace Prize winner, has just been sentenced to 2 and a half years in prison, for a text entitled: “They wanted fascism and they got it” (published by Mediapart ). “This verdict shows that my article is perfectly correct,” said Oleg Orlov, before being taken away in handcuffs.

Jean-Marc Adolphe


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